Welcome to My Nightmare (Restored and Remixed)

Список групп Hard-Rock Alice Cooper Welcome to My Nightmare (Restored and Remixed)
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Band Name Alice Cooper
Album Name Welcome to My Nightmare (Restored and Remixed)
Type Video
Дата релиза 1999
Лейблы Rhino Records
Музыкальный стильHard-Rock
Владельцы этого альбома7


1. Opening Credits
2. The Awakening
3. Welcome to My Nightmare
4. Years Ago
5. No More Mr. Nice Guy
6. Years Ago (Reprise)
7. I'm Eighteen / Years Ago (Reprise)
8. Some Folks
9. Cold Ethyl
10. Only Women Bleed
11. Years Ago (Reprise) / Billion Dollar Babies
12. Devil's Food
13. The Black Widow
14. Steven / Welcome to My Nightmare (Reprise)
15. Escape
16. School's Out
17. Department of Youth
18. The Band Takes a Bow
19. End credits / Only Women Bleed
Alice Cooper Interview
20. The Original Rock Vilain
21. What Makes an Alice Show Special?
22. The Character of Alice Cooper
23. Rituals and Supertitions
24. The Music
25. Performing in London
26. Influencing Other Bands
27. Alice Meets Dali, Groucho, and Mae West
28. Looking Back at Nightmare