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Band Name Chumbawamba
Album Name WYSIWYG
Type Album
Released date 04 April 2000
Music StylePunk-Rock
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1. I'm with Stupid
2. Shake Baby Shake
3. Pass It Along
4. Hey Hey We're the Junkies
5. The Health & Happiness Show
6. I'm Coming Out/Dumbing Down (Piano Version)
7. I'm in Trouble Again
8. Social Dogma
9. WWW Dot
10. New York Mining Disaster 1941
11. I'm Not Sorry, I Was Having Fun
12. Jesus in Vegas
13. The Standing Still
14. She's Got All the Friends That Money Can Buy/Pass It On (Reprise)
15. Ladies for Compassionate Lynching
16. Celebration, Florida
17. Moses with a Gun
18. The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Jerry Springer
19. Smart Bomb
20. Knickers
21. Lie Lie Lie Lie
22. Dumbing Down
23. Hidden Track: I'm in Trouble Again (Reprise)