The Very Best of Adam Ant

Список групп Rock Adam Ant The Very Best of Adam Ant
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Band Name Adam Ant
Album Name The Very Best of Adam Ant
Type Compilation
Дата релиза 1993
Лейблы Arcade Music Company
Музыкальный стильRock
Владельцы этого альбома0


1. Antmusic [Adam and the Ants]
2. Stand and Deliver [Adam and the Ants]
3. Room at the Top [Adam Ant]
4. Vive le Rock [Adam Ant]
5. Apollo 9 [Adam Ant]
6. Zerox [Adam and the Ants]
7. Dog Eat Dog [Adam and the Ants]
8. Cartrouble [Adam and the Ants]
9. Friends [Adam and the Ants]
10. Desperate But Not Serious [Adam Ant]
11. Prince Charming [Adam and the Ants]
12. Goody Two Shoes [Adam Ant]
13. Puss 'N Boots [Adam Ant]
14. Friend or Foe [Adam Ant]
15. Strip [Adam Ant]
16. Physical (You're So) [Adam and the Ants]
17. Kings of the Wild Frontier [Adam and the Ants]
18. Deutscher Girls [Adam and the Ants]
19. Ant Rap [Adam and the Ants]
20. Kick [Adam and the Ants]
21. Young Parisians [Adam and the Ants]
22. Can't Set Rules About Love [Adam Ant]
Disc 2 - Limited Edition - Adam Ant (Live)
1. Vive le Rock
2. Miss Thing
3. Cartrouble
4. Never Trust a Man (With Egg On His Face)
5. Dog Eat Dog
6. Killer in the Home
7. Room at the Top
8. Ants Invasion
9. Desperate But Not Serious
10. Young Dumb and Full of It
11. Stand and Deliver
12. Antmusic
13. Goody Two Shoes
14. 20th Century Boy
15. Red Scab
16. Shakin' All Over
17. Fall In
18. Physical (You're So)