Annie's Grave

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Band Name Electric Frankenstein
Album Name Annie's Grave
Type Album
Дата релиза 2000
Лейблы Victory Records
Музыкальный стильPunk-Rock
Владельцы этого альбома1


1. Already Dead
2. Fistful of Rock
3. Hate Machine
4. Third Generation Nation (Dead Boys Cover)
5. I Just Can't Kick
6. Annie's Grave
7. My Father's Son
8. Not For Sale (Girlschool cover)
9. Get Off
10. Graveyard Drag Race
11. 1977 (Clash cover)
12. Takin You Down
13. Backs Against the Wall
14. Don't Touch Me, I'm Electric (Bill Nelson's Red Noise cover)
15. We are the Road Crew (Motorhead cover)