Live 81

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Band Name Vice Squad
Album Name Live 81
Type Album
Released date 1981
Labels Chaos Tapes
Music StylePunk-Rock
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1. Resurrection
2. We´re Still Dying
3. Coward
4. Youg Blood
5. The Time They Are a Changin
6. 1984
7. Change the Record
8. Saturday Nigth Special
9. It's a Sell Out

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Vice Squad

Comment @ sunbeam

26 August 2018

yes we have nostalgic real punkrock to hear this genres beginnings!

i have heard of this particular band off-eardedly over my few years and never knew whatit entailed as musical music; some of the old school stuff is just comes outalmost trashy but this is not a dust collector if i had my own album it would be my adult need for lullaby at night to fall asleep to classy oldtimers punkrock. new music hypeds are pushing out this era of listenables i think too much because its actually like a jivin beeboppin hippiekick twisting at funky beats that the rock part isnt overplayed either, just an original transition from real artists that dont do disco or deathmetal. who knows maybe im wrong about this as im new here

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