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Style Hard-Rock
Status Aktiv
Gegründet 1972
Land USA
Stadt New York
Fans 299
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  • Gene Simmons (aka The Demon, aka Chaim Witz, aka Gene Klein)

    Vocals, Bass

    [since 1972], ex-Wicked Lester, ex-Lynx, ex-The Missing Links, ex-The Long Island Sounds, ex-Bullfrog Bheer

  • Tommy Thayer


    [since 2002], ex-Black N' Blue, ex-Cold Gin

  • Paul Stanley (aka Starchild, aka Paul Stanley Eisen)

    Vocals, Gitarre

    [since 1972], ex-Wicked Lester, ex-Uncle Joe, ex-Rainbow, ex-The Paul Stanley Band

  • Eric Singer (aka Eric Doyle Mensinger)

    Drums, Backing Vocals

    [1991-1996] [since 2001], ex-Black Sabbath, ex-Alice Cooper, ex-ESP, ex-The Paul Stanley Band, ex-Badlands, ex-Lita Ford, ex-Avantasia

Frühere Bandmitglieder

  • Ace Frehley (aka Space Ace, aka Paul Daniel Frehley)

    Vocals, Gitarre, Backing Vocals

    [1972-1982] [1995] [1996-2002], Ace Frehley, ex-Frehley's Comet, ex-Wicked Lester, ex-Cathedral

  • Eric Carr (aka The Fox, aka Paul Charles Caravello)

    Vocals, Drums

    [1980-1991], died 24/11/1991, ex-The Cellarmen, ex-Lightning

  • Vinnie Vincent (aka The Ankh Warrior / Vincent John Cusano)

    Gitarre, Backing Vocals

    [1982-1984], Vinnie Vincent Invasion

  • Bruce Howard Kulick

    Vocals, Gitarre, Backing Vocals

    [1984-1996], Grand Funk Railroad, ex-Union, ex-Blackjack, ex-ESP, ex-Good Rats

  • Peter Criss (aka The Catman / George Peter John Criscoula)

    Vocals, Drums, Backing Vocals

    [1972-1979] [1995] [1996-2001], ex-The Barracudas, ex-Chelsea, ex-Lips, ex-Wicked Lester

  • Mark St. John (aka Mark Leslie Norton)

    Gitarre, Backing Vocals

    [1984], died 05/05/2007, ex-White Tiger, ex-Front Page