Silverchair : Freak Show

Grunge / Australia
(1997 - Murmur)
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Lived too long now you've come to take me
To a place where I can die
Lost my soul, lost my confidence in me
Can't be something but I'll try

Lived too long and waited to just drown
In my self pity I keep falling down

Want to be your soldier
Want to be your slave
I have no pride in myself

Only book that I own is called 'how to lose'
Pick a chapter, I know them all, just choose

Lived too long and waited to find
A place where I can die
Lost my soul, lost my confidence in me
Give me something but I'll try

Want to be your solider
Want to be your slave
I have no pride in myself
That's how I behave


No more maybes
Your baby's got rabies
Sitting on a ball
In the middle of the Andes

Yeah, I'm a freak of nature
Yeah, I'm a freak

If only I could be as cool as you
As cool as you

Body and soul, I'm a freak

Try to be different
Well get a different disease
Seems it's in fashion
To need the coldsore cream

I don't really know
How to put on a 'cool' show
As boring as they come
Just tell me where to go

If only I could be as cool as you



Need to ask a question
Calling out my name
Nothing seems to bother
Wish I had a clue

C'mon abuse me more I like it

Well I don't think you like me
Well I hate you as well
No one seems to like you
Wish I couldn't tell

C'mon abuse me more I like it
C'mon keep talking 'cause it's true

Throw the sailors overboard


Gonna be a liar?
Lie to me

Gonna be a while?
Lie to me


You've never wanted to know me before
Little or no association
Leave me alone I want to live
Stop sucking the blood right out of me

Couldn't care less if I died right now
Who am I?
I don't know you tell me
You seem to know everything else

Need a pathway need a guide
Contemplating suicide
Wish I could be like you
You say you care but do you?

Do you?



Need a change
Not to imitate
But to irritate
All the ones who hate

I may be late
Always seem to get the wrong date
Well I guess it's fate

I live in a cemetery
Full of good will and integrity
You see
I have no specialty

Here's your warning
I'll give you click clikc boom

I live in a cemetery
I need a change
Not to imitate
But to irritate

I live in a cemetery


Could've been like before
Could've had to lock the door

Make your mind
Let the door let the door swing
Only one
Only one to let the door

Wanted to pretend he's dead
Didn't have to pretend

All this and more
Makes no sense to me
All this and more
Makes me drown

Let me know if it's alright
Let me know if you just might


Addiction's held you back
But you don't care
'Cause you're on a high again
And it's not fair
Consuming alcohol
While I gotta drive
Take a hit from the drugs you stole
And try to survive

Since your life was over
You haven't yet been sober
You have held me back so long
Everything you do is wrong

Now I gotta dump you
Continue my life too
I tried to help you
Don't care what you do

Your state of mind's improved
But we're still apart
I visited you'd moved
Don't know where to start
Your life's and open cold sore
Got to get out of the cream
Now I'm thinking positive
But I know it's a dream

You dies yesterday


I wanted to be friends with her too
So my relationships could be the same as yours
I hated everyone just like you
Hating you should be introduced as a new law

Take the time to learn to hate
Come and join the mass debate
Take the time, take the time
It's uphill you've gotta climb

You betrayed all the trust I gave you
Now I need therapy to hate a little more
You cannot help me to forgive you
The drugs have given you all kinds of different sores

As you pump drugs into your bloodstream
I sit observing in disgust
Hoping that you will finally come clean
So I don't have to use the gun


Sinking through dark black holes
It's never gonna end
Open gash in my ribcage
It's never gonna mend

Take another picture of the wall
Sinking deeper everytime I fall

Each day ends quicker
And my mind gets slower too
As my life just fades away
I wouldn't have a clue

Take another draw out from the shelf
I'm too weak to do it by myself

Though you had the world at your feet
You could see it I was blind
Had the perfect job called life
You didn't like it you resigned

Brain's a square of grass
Growing on petrol and chlorine

On petrol and chlorine
You know just what I mean


Drained as drained can be
Life is gone from me
Drained if drained is free
If only I could breathe

Smelling dead roses

Take your mind with you
There's no room for two
I can't handle both
Handle both of you

Smelling dead roses

But I won't fall down
No I won't fall down


Laying lost and wounded
Just myself to blame
Have no life and
Being hand-fed pain

Head's a crying wasteland
Filled with shame
Cried for help before and
Nobody came

His father beats him
No hesistation
His face left dripping
In humiliation

As he lies wounded
His father turns to clay
A frozen statue
Can't walk away

His head's a crying wasteland
Filled with shame
Cried for help before and
Nobody came

To see what I can lose again
For being the victim



Welcome to the closing
Not for love what for?
It's easy to be taken
But to say

Come again
Leave again
Waste of time
Come again

I'm alone while you're having fun
You have faith while I feel none
Sleep till late to waste half the day
But I'm happy to live this way

And I know that you can't see my pain
But you know that I can your pain

Me and shame are the same
Me and shame take the blame

Me and pain are the same
Me and shame take the blame

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