De Gaïa, le Poison...

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Band Name Dementia Ad Vitam
Album Name De Gaïa, le Poison...
Type Album
Released date 21 June 2010
Music StyleDarkwave
Members owning this album3


1. Coeptus Oraculi Diri
2. Au Plus Profond de Mes Songes
3. L'Antre aux Cadavres
4. Achéron
5. Regarde
6. A Présent Si Triste
7. J'Aimais Cet Endroit
8. L'Epilogue Funèbre
9. Si Beau Paysage de Sang
10. Absurde et Mortelle
11. Nuit Eternelle
12. Iter Immortalis
13. La Marche du Prochain Juge
14. Nos Viscères en Offrande aux Racines
15. Le Secret des Sages

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Dementia Ad Vitam

Review @ bojart

02 May 2012

Dementia Ad Vitam is a dark wave band from France that already released a first album called “The Spirit of Trees”, in 2008. The band is back with an appetizing second record baptized “De Gaia, Le Poison”

Forget your fears, have some courage and enter the darkened world of Dementia Ad Vitam…let your inner darkness take control of your soul. Close your eyes and take a long breath...
This French band proposes an interesting blend of neo classical, dark wave and ambient dark metal. Let me be your guide through this uncommon and gloomy universe.

“Coeptus Oraculi Diri” opens the album. Keyboards and the acoustic piano lead the whispers of Philippe B an amazing way before he howls at the same time the drums start playing. This introduction song is a dark and beautiful praise to Satan, such like prayers to the first angel of God. “Achéron” starts by a pretty piano’s introduction, surrounded by ambient sounds from the keyboards and few horrid howls which show that Satan is truly worshipped as a god by DAV. Violins give to the song a melodramatic purpose, almost burlesque at times. Cymbals are far away and sound really cold in spite of the warm brought by the violins which matching with the percussions in the spirit of a sordid circus. In “Chapitre II: Les Pleurs De Gaia”, one can hear the excellent “Regarde” which begins with an enchanting guitar’s riff that accompanied Philippe during his sweet and smooth vocals in which he complains a little and denounces a little more the catastrophic devastations of human being over Planet Earth, the composition is closed by a sublime riff of guitar and nice noises of Nature. In “A Présent Si Triste”, Philippe, with noises of crows and sounds of violins, tells someone one don’t know, that a pure and black world can be fathered. The distant drums coupled with the closer guitar give to the title a surprising burst of hope! The atmosphere is getting warmer and more reassuring. Hope resists and remains.

Now, let’s talk about the main chapter of the album, named “Chapitre III: L’Homme, Si Pauvre Bête”. A lot of sadness can be felt at the listening of “L’Epilogue Funébre”. It might be caused by the lyrics; tough, dark and such depressing; and by the composition. Melancholic duet of the piano and violins at the beginning of the track, then, the low and discreet voice of the performer sound like a schizophrenic echo of the human’s psyche. Hear how the high notes of the piano follow the last chorus of the song and how the vocals of Philippe have become so deep and sincere. One can listen to a mini concerto of Alexandre’s piano and the violin of the guest called Mnémosyne. Simply intoxicating! Screams of men and gothic’s background introduce the great “Si Beau Paysage De Sang”. Keyboards and classical instruments submerge us into a world of death and sorrow. A land of tears, guilt and suffering. The story is about a man whose behaviour is kind of strange and dreadful... he admires his dead kith and kin and even kneels down to lick their blood; Taste of iron; the man bite their flesh; Taste of cold earth; finally, on a sober and sombre melody, the man cries and keeps on loving to hate these dead...

“Absurde Et Mortelle” has been written by Cédric Sessiecq and the howls which can be heard are coming from the throat of a certain Ensamhet. All starts by frightening howls singing the first verse a dark metal way! Then, Philippe talks about the kind of treasures and horrors the depths of seas hide. The drums are damn distant and this cold sound of darkness is giving a perfect ambiance to the duet of dark and speaking vocals between the band’s singer and Ensamhet.
Finally, I will introduce you to my favourite song of “De Gaia, Le Poison...” Its name is “Iter Immortalis”. A song sung in English where the awesome melodic chorus are performing by Carline Van Roos meanwhile the performer continues to whispers what he sings. The composition is much more epic than in the fourteen other songs of the record. I have appreciated the little musical bridge and its guitar’s solo. I think it’s the best part of the last chapter “Chapitre IV: Prologue Et Epilogue”


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