Billion Dollar Babies

Band's List Hard-Rock Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies
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Band Name Alice Cooper
Album Name Billion Dollar Babies
Type Album
Released date 1973
Music StyleHard-Rock
Members owning this album44


1. Hello Hooray
2. Raped and Freezin'
3. Elected
4. Billion Dollar Babies
5. Unfinished Sweet
6. No More Mr. Nice Guy
7. Generation Landslide
8. Sick Things
9. Mary Ann
10. I Love the Dead
DISC 2-Deluxe Edition CD
1. Hello, Hooray (Live)
2. Billion Dollar Babies (Live)
3. Elected (Live)
4. I'm Eighteen (Live)
5. Raped and Freezin' (Live)
6. No More Mr. Nice Guy (Live)
7. My Stars (Live)
8. Unfinished Sweet (Live)
9. Sick Things (Live)
10. Dead Babies (Live)
11. I Love the Dead
12. Coal Black Model T
13. Son of Billion Dollar Babies
14. Slick Black Limousine