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Band Name Save Our Souls
Album Name Are We Innocent?
Type Album
Released date 03 October 2006
Music StyleEmo
Members owning this album1


Recorded when the band's name was CHIBA-KEN.
1. Born Guilty
2. Army Invincible
3. Faster Tonight
4. The Killing Fields
5. Letters Home
6. The Butterfly
7. Drunk for Days
8. Existence
9. Legion
10. Tyson
11. Prisoner 105

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Save Our Souls

Review @ Jan91

22 August 2010
Are We Innocent? the album debüt by LA-based Emo metal quintett Chiba-Ken (now Save Our Souls) founded by Elias Tannous, Justin D'Amelio and George William. Least founding member lived in Japan near the Prefecture Chiba -this is story where the old band's name comes from- relocated in the US again and worked as an actor (he played the main role in Tonys 'n' Marys Wedding and had a guest role in US TV show All My Children) before he founded Chiba-Ken in 2003.

After releasing their Demo CD Winter Sessions at the beginning of 2006 Santa Monica-based record label signed them short time later. The album was produced at Purple Light Studios and Jupiter4 Studios both based in Santa Monica. After producing the album with Patrick Arn (founder of Gotham Records) the album was released on October 3rd, 2006.

While the band shared stage with very successful acts like Kittie, Iron Maiden, Powerman 5000, Glassjaw, Cartel, God Forbid, From Autumn to Ashes, Sponge and many others. The band played at venues with high capacities and on normal parties although.
The band toured several times through the US on their own and are described as one unsigned premier band in Long Island/NY (2009 band moved to LA).

The band described their music style as melodic heave rock which combines class rock songs of the past with their new fresh attitude. Well I will describe it as Emo metal with a touch of Post grunge, Hard rock, Post-Hardcore, Alternative rock and Screamo. The band combines also several music styles which let the band listen
more variable than others. The bands music style is influenced by Faith No More, Tool and maybe of 30 Seconds to Mars.

The sound on Are We Innocent? is easy to describe. Like most Post grunge songs the sound starts melodic and not loud which goes to hard guitar riffs and heavy screaming vocals from singer-songwriter George William. The voice of singer William is easy to describe too. Like the sound of the instruments the singer starts melodic and which every minute his voice gets harder and harder but not on "Existence", "Army Invincible" and "Legion" (with the instrumentals although).

The album starts with an intro named "Born Guilty" but I can't describe it as instrumental because singer William said something on it which I don't understand.

Next song "Army Invincible" is the the first highlight of that album. It handels about the war and a conspiracy planned by the protagonist. In each refrain the band sing "we're innocent" but at the end it change into the question "are we innocent". Singer William want criticize the politicians who believe that war could bring freedom. The next both songs ("The Killing Fields" and "Faster Tonight") handels about war although.

"Letters Home" begins like each lovesong but it changed into a scary way. The protagonist changed from a lonely and broken-hearted people into killing death machine who kills everyone just to be with his love.

"The Butterfy" is an lovesong although but difference with "Letters Home" is that protagonist described his love as a butterfly which flies to the sun.

"Legion" described the life of Jesus Christus and the singer call he as a soul of a liar. Well the song is not my favorite but listen to it very often.

The cover shows their old band's logo and two cherry branches which not let think of an Emo album.

Well I don't listen to each Emo music but I'm proud to know a band like Save Our Souls and I hope their forthcoming album Hard to Be Human is as good as this released. I'm proud to call this album mine and I'm hoping that their fame will raising in the near future.

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