Celtica Pipes Rock : New Album on April 2020 !

Воскресенье 05 Июль 2020 - 17:51:27 by gg_jaime

New studio album named "Celtic Spirits" released on April 2020


More info here !



Source : https://celticarocks.com/news/


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After forming in the early 1990s and playing gigs alongside the likes of Runrig, Horslips, and other Celtic Rock bands, Celtica Pipes Rock released their eponymous debut album in 1995. Since then they have toured all over the world, playing at some of the top https://provistaplumbersperth.wordpress.com/ festivals and selling out headline shows. Drawing on the folk music of their Celtic ancestors as well as Rock and roll, their sound is both unique and exciting. 2020 sees them return with a new album called "Born to Be Free",

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