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Биография : Flame Of Life

The band was founded by The Bottle as guitarist (ex-guitarist of little known punk-rock band Wortex Joke Equal) and Fazer as vocalist (ex-vocalist of experimental rock-band Kometa) in 2015 .

Gothic bassist Dead Flower joined to answer the ad. Bassist had previously lived in the local cemetery therefore after joining he lived in Flame Of Life studio.

DJ Arxonix played in Latvian clubs but didn't have much popularity. Fazer liked his music style and asked to join.

The first EP was an usual alternative disc. It had some experiments but it was not enough. Flame Of Life solved to move forward and create something absolutely new. They created new music style that was named LAZER. It's a mix of nu-metal, grunge, rock-and-roll with specific synth guitar and new song structure.

Source : https://myspace.com/flame444/bio