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With over 300,000 hits on their website, 1RKO is proving that authenticity does matter. With raw musicality,infectious energy and the purpose to headline stadiums, the band is at the peak of their expression staking out the territory where talent does make a difference. The name 1RKO comes from the notion and the mission of re-creating the original larger than life experience that rock n roll is supposed to bring,an explosion of strength, and emotion. When asked to describe their approach to their work, they see it as a process of discovery,where you are naked, authentic1RKO, ignore trends and take the bull by the horns. Whether its Simon belting one of his scorching melodic vocals or furiously playing lead guitar,Brian shaking the ground with his larger than life bass,Derek making your hair stand up with his tone from hell,or Rich banging the crap of his drum kit,1RKO is the real deal.A band that can really play with chops to bring the house down. Simon,a citizen of the world raised in Rio,is a veteran of the rock scene in Los Angeles.He\'s been the subject of bidding wars,and deals with Warner Bros.,Columbia,and Interscope on his own,and with his former bands,Jailhouse,Grind and Flood.Their music videos played regularly on MTV and on MTV\'s Headbangers Ball.Arguably one of the oft-told success1RKO stories of the Sunset Strip,Jailhouse played sold out nights back to back when their debut album came out,selling over 50,000 units for the fledgling Restless Records label. Simon joined forces with Brian Spang, a talented long-time friend from the Bay area who is heavly influenced by 70\'s funk bass players, and new wave jagged-style bass lines. Brian has also released two records with his previous band for a major label. Derek, another one of Simon\'s long-time friends, who hails from Nashville, came into the picture bringing his aggressive rhythm guitar playing,tone and energy. He is also a visionary when it comes to rock n roll,projection,and style.The last one to join,Rich Sacco,a native of Buffalo,brings his dynamic,solid,hard-hitting drum style to the band in a way which closes the circle.Simply put, if you please yourself,you are going to please others.

Source : band website