Interview : Collector's Box

Список групп Pop Rock John Lennon Interview : Collector's Box
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Band Name John Lennon
Album Name Interview : Collector's Box
Type Box Set
Дата релиза 03 Апрель 2007
Музыкальный стильPop Rock
Владельцы этого альбома0


1. The Wheels Of the Universe
2. Before the Beginning
3. Hamburg
4. Enter Brian Epstein
5. Exit Pete Best
6. 'Ordinary Lads'
7. The Final Tour
8. Lonely Hearts
9. One Bad Apple
10. The End Of the Beginning?
11. Beatles Forever!
1. Introduction
2. Post War Blues
3. Hamburg And Beyond
4. Inventing the 1960s
5. The Man Who Helped London Swing
6. The Beginning Of the End
7. The Man Who Broke Up the Beatles
8. Rock 'N' Roll Fugitive
9. And Then There Were Three
10. New Beginnings
11. Writing the Future
1. I Only Learnt To Play Back Myself
2. Who Am I To Regard As Mother?
3. The Beatnik Horror!
4. 'Beatles' Spelt Like In 'Beat Music'
5. Aggressive Restraint, a Brando Type
6. Which Way Are We Going, Boys?
7. Kids Everywhere Go For the Same Stuff
8. Controlled Weirdness
9. An Escape Valve From the Beatles
10. You Should Have Been There
11. Other Plans
12. John Who?