Hobo Blues

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Band Name John Lee Hooker
Album Name Hobo Blues
Type Album
Дата релиза 1990
Лейблы Roots
Музыкальный стильBlues Rock
Владельцы этого альбома0


1. Hobo Blues
2. Huckle Up Baby
3. 609 Boogie
4. Boogie Chillen 2 (a/k/a 21 Boogie) [Alt. Take]
5. Moon Is Rising
6. Sugar Mama (Single Version)
7. Strike Blues (a/k/a Welfare Blues) [Alt. Take]
8. John L's House Rent Boogie
9. Leave My Wife Alone (Single Version)
10. She Left Me By Myself
11. Let Your Daddy Ride [Alt. Take]
12. The Story of a Married Woman
13. Roll 'N' Roll (a/k/a Rollin' Blues) [Alt. Take]
14. I'm In the Mood
15. Goin' On Highway 51 (a/k/a Goin' Down Highway 51)
16. Three Long Years Today
17. Canal Street Blues
18. Dimples
19. Crawlin' King Snake
20. Give Me Your Phone Number (a/k/a It's a Crime and a Shame)
21. Walkin' the Boogie [Alt. Take]
22. Boogie Now (a/k/a Hey Boogie)
23. Notoriety Woman (a/k/a Throw This Old Dog a Bone) [Alt. Take]
24. My Baby's Got Somethin'
25. Never Satisfied (a/k/a Just Like a Woman)
26. Queen Bee
27. John L's House Rent Boogie [Alt. Take]
28. Boogie Chillen