Break Down the Walls

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Band Name Youth Of Today
Album Name Break Down the Walls
Type Album
Дата релиза 1986
Лейблы Wishingwell Records
Музыкальный стильPunkcore
Владельцы этого альбома1


Re-Issue in 1988 by We Bite Records with 9 bonustracks.
1. Make a Change
2. Thinking Straight
3. Stabbed in the Back
4. Take a Stand
5. Honesty
6. One Family
7. Break Down the Walls
8. Shout it
9. Time to Forgive
10. Positive Outlock
11. Standing Hard
12. Free at Last
13. Youth of Today
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 1988)
14. Expectations
15. Crucial Times
16. I Have Faith
17. Youth of Today
18. Take a Stand
19. Positive Outlook
20. Can't Close My Eyes
21. We Just Might
22. Youth Crew