After the Ceiing Cracked

Список групп Post-Rock Pelican After the Ceiing Cracked
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Band Name Pelican
Album Name After the Ceiing Cracked
Type Video
Дата релиза 2007
Лейблы Hydra Head Records
Музыкальный стильPost-Rock
Владельцы этого альбома1


(live from Kings Cross Scala, London, 20/12/2005)
1. March to the Sea
2. Autumn Into Summer
3. Nightendday
4. Last Day of Winter
5. Aurora Borealis
6. Sirius
7. Australasia
8. Interview With Larry And Laurent
(live from Neumo's Crystal Ball, Seattle, WA 03/06/2006)
9. Sirius
10. Nightendday
11. City of Echoes
(live from The Troubdour, Los Angeles 29/05/2006)
12. Pink Mammoth
(live from Nanci Raygun, Richmond, VA, 12/05/2006)
13. Last Day Of Winter
(live from Sabalas, Portland, OR 13/08/2005)
14. GW
(live from Nyabinghi, Youngstown, OH, 30/05/2004)
15. Mammoth
16. Drought
17. Red Ran Amber
(live from the Nyabinghi, Youngstown, OH, 11/10/2003)
18. Forecast for Today
19. Woods
20. Autumn Into Summer (Music Video)
1. Pink Mammoth
2. End of Seasons (Prefuse 73 Remix)
3. These Arms are Pink Mammoths (the song "Pink Mammoth" featuring These Arms Are Snakes for additional musical support)