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We Are Born of Hate

Album, 1999, Distortion Records

Genocide Superstars : We Are Born of Hate


We Are Born Of Hate
Fuck The Enemy
Under Attack
Going Down To Die
Feed My Hate
Warchrist Supreme
Be My Bitch
Extinction Extinction
They Walked The Line
In The Midst Of The Aftermath
Victory Or Genocide
Dead In The Shadows
Crazy Motorcycle
Devastating Power
Bloodred City Streets

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Hail the New Storm

Album, 2004, Relapse Records

Genocide Superstars : Hail the New Storm


1. The Hateball is Rolling.
2. Destroyer of Worlds
3. Mord II
4. Final Descent
5. Hatestomp
6. Stairsweeper
7. Air / A Prelude of Hell
8. Superstar Destroyer
9. Danger Danger
10. Superstar Confession
11. In Misery Embraced
12. Like Roadkill
13. Warchild
14. Outlaw Song

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