When I Was Born for the 7th Time

lista zespołów Pop Rock Cornershop When I Was Born for the 7th Time
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Nazwa zespołu Cornershop
Tytuł płyty When I Was Born for the 7th Time
Type Album
Data wpisu 08 Wrzesień 1997
Wydawcy Wiiija
Gatunek muzycznyPop Rock
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album2


1. Sleep on the Left Side
2. Brimful of Asha
3. Butter the Soul
4. Chocolat
5. We're in Yr Corner
6. Funky Days Are Back Again
7. What Is Happening?
8. When the Light Appears Boy
9. Coming Up
10. Good Shit
11. Good to Be on the Road Back Home
12. It's Indian Tobacco My Friend
13. Candy Man
14. State Troopers, Pt. 1
15. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

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