Volume Two

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Band Name Soft Machine
Album Name Volume Two
Type Album
Data wpisu Wrzesień 1969
Wydawcy Probe Records
Styl muzycznyPsychedelic Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album14


1. Rivmic Melodies 17:06
a) Pataphysical Introduction Pt. I 01:00
b) A Concise British Alphabet Pt. I 00:10
c) Hibou, Anenome and Bear 05:58
d) A Concise British Alphabet Pt. II 00:12
e) Hulloder 00:52
f) Dada Was Here 03:25
g) Thank You Pierrot Lunaire 00:47
h) Have You Ever Bean Green? 01:23
i) Pataphysical Introduction Pt. II 00:50
j) Out of Tunes 02:30
2. Esther's Nose Job 16:13
a) As Long as He Lies Perfectly Still 02:30
b) Dedicated to You but You Weren't Listening 02:30
c) Fire Engine Passing with Bells Clanging 01:50
d) Pig 02:07
e) Orange Skin Food 01:52
f) A Door Opens and Closes 01:09
g) 10.30 Returns to the Bedroom 04:14
Total playing time 33:19