Jet Propelled Photographs

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Band Name Soft Machine
Album Name Jet Propelled Photographs
Type Album
Data wpisu 1989
Wydawcy Charly Records
Styl muzycznyPsychedelic Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album3


Originaly recorded as a demo in London in April 1967.
1. That's How Much I Need You Now 02:29
2. Save Yourself 02:45
3. I Should've Known 07:30
4. Jet Propelled Photograph (aka Shooting at the Moon) 02:33
5. When I Don't Want You 02:49
6. Memories 02:59
7. You Don't Remember 03:45
8. She's Gone 02:11
9. I'd Rather Be With You 03:40
Total playing time 30:41