Return to the Promised Land

lista zespołów Country Rock Johnny Cash Return to the Promised Land
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Nazwa zespołu Johnny Cash
Tytuł płyty Return to the Promised Land
Type Album
Data wpisu 1993
Gatunek muzycznyCountry Rock
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album0


1. News Conference
2. Return to the Promised Land
3. Open Dialogue
4. When I Look
5. Dialogue
6. Over the Next Hill, We'll Be Home
7. Dialogue
8. Old Rugged Cross
9. Interlude & Monologue
10. I Won't Have to Cross Jordan Alone
11. Dialogue
12. Far Side Banks of Jordan
13. Monologue
14. Let Me Help You Carry This Weight
15. Dialogue
16. Lord Take These Hands
17. Monologue
18. Fishers of Men
19. Dialogue
20. The Old Gospel Ship
21. What on Earth Will You Do (for Heaven Sake)
22. Interlude & Closing Monologue
23. God's Hands
24. Return to the Promised Land (Instrumental Version)
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2000 on CD by Renaissance Records, limited to 2000 copies)
25. Hello Out There
26. Like a Soldier Getting Over the War
27. Poor Valley Girl
28. Soldier Boy
29. Untitled

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Johnny Cash