Op Zop Too Wah

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Band Name Adrian Belew
Album Name Op Zop Too Wah
Type Album
Data wpisu 1996
Styl muzycznyProgressive Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


1. Of Bow And Drum
2. Word Play Drum Beat
3. Six String
4. Conversation Piece
5. All Her Love is Mine
6. I Remember How To Forget
7. What Do You Know ? (Part.1)
8. Op Zop Too Wah
9. A Plate of Words
10. Time Waits
11. What Do You Know ? (Part.2)
12. Modern Man Hurricane Blues
13. In My Backyard
14. A Plate of Guitar
15. Live in a Tree
16. Something To Do
17. Beautiful
18. High Wire Guitar
19. Sky Blue Red Bird Green House
20. The Ruin After the Rain
21. On