Metal Machine Music

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Band Name Lou Reed
Album Name Metal Machine Music
Type Album
Data wpisu 1975
Wydawcy Buddha Records
Styl muzycznyRock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


1. Metal Machine Music (Part 1)
2. Metal Machine Music (Part 2)
3. Metal Machine Music (Part 3)
4. Metal Machine Music (Part 4)

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Artykuł @ vikingman369

24 Marzec 2011
How do you review something like this?

First of all, let's be perfectly clear and honest from the get-go: this is not rock or even metal - this is noise. There is now a genre of "art music" called noise, which focuses on dissonance and creating "noise" music outside of the realms of musical form.

Now you'd think that someone who hates underground black metal for following the cliched-formula of poorly-produced albums that intend dissonance and "tastelessness" (members of underground black metal have even said that they did not want their music to appeal to people, only to themselves) wouldn't give this "noise" record a chance...

Well, I'm always into the avant-garde and experimental, and this fits into that category.

It is not really a CD (or LP), more or less a stream of endless noise in five parts. It is not something to relax to, and many "metal-heads" would find it distasteful...

Well, I'm of the opinion never to go just by hear-say. Even if you end up hating the album as an endless hiss of feedback, at least listen to it so that your opinion is from your own mind and not just someone else's opinion being repeated just in your own words.

Is it a good album? Well, I'm not an expert in noise music, so I can't honestly say. It's definitely an acquired taste, and therefore may take a little listening to.

Should you get it?

Well, thanks to technology, you can view it online without having to purchase the album. So that's what I suggest of you. Take a few minutes, or even a whole hour, out of your day, put in the head-phones (your family/neighbors/room-mates/etc. may not be ready for this) and experiment with this experiment in noise and sound...

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gletscherwolf - 24 Marzec 2011: I wouldn't exactly call it the favorite album in my collection and there is much else made by Lou Reed that I appreciate more. But still, whether people like it or not, as it is a significant production, as it marks one of the very first noise-rock albums ever. As by now noise-rock has become kind of big, Metal Machine Music sure has it affecionados even now.
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