Last Tango In Moscow

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Band Name Angelic Upstarts
Album Name Last Tango In Moscow
Type Album
Data wpisu 1984
Wydawcy Picasso
Styl muzycznyStreet Punk - Oi
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


1. One More Day
2. Machine Gun Kelly
3. Progress
4. Blackleg Miner
5. Who's Got the Money
6. Last Tango In Moscow
7. I Think It Should Be Free
8. Never Return
9. Rude Boy
10. No News
11. Jarrow Woman
12. Nowhere To Run
13. Painted In Red
14. There's a Drink In It
15. Listen To The Silence
16. She Don't Cry Anymore
17. I Won't Pay For Liberty
18. Never Return To Hell
19. When Will They Learn
20. No Nukes