Get Stoked on It!

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Band Name The Wonder Years
Album Name Get Stoked on It!
Type Album
Data wpisu 30 Październik 2007
Styl muzycznyPunk-Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


1. Keystone State Dude-Core
2. Bout to Get Fruit Punched, Homie
3. Buzz Aldrin: The Poster Boy for Second Place
4. Let's Moshercise!!!
5. "What If We [Swam] Into Nothing?"
6. Racing Trains
7. Zombies are the New Black
8. We Were Giants
9. My Geraldine Lies Over the Delaware
10. Dude, What Is a Land Pirate?
11. I Fell in Love with a Ninja Master
12. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong