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Band Name Canaan
Album Name Contro.luce
Type Album
Data wpisu 14 Grudzień 2010
Wydawcy Eibon Records
Styl muzycznyDarkwave
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


1. Calma
2. (Untitled Instrumental)
3. Oniore
4. (Untitled Instrumental)
5. Noia
6. (Untitled Instrumental)
7. Terrore
8. (Untitled Instrumental)
9. Ragione
10. (Untitled Instrumental)
11. Oblio
12. (Untitled Instrumental)
13. (Untitled Instrumental)
14. Lascivia
15. (Untitled Instrumental)
16. Umiltà
17. (Untitled Instrumental)
18. Concupiscenza
19. (Untitled Instrumental)
20. Esitazione
21. (Untitled Instrumental)

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Artykuł @ ChristopherJRM

12 Wrzesień 2011
Once in a while we need something a bit calmer to relax and enjoy. To taste something different. The Darkwave genre and its dark but calm atmosphere, its soft electronica, the songs with simple structure and the gothic tone are enough to create a feeling of relax to the ones that can be taken away more easily. Canaan is a good example of a project that presents calm but good records. The most recent "Contro.luce" is a perfect proof, since beside the songs with the structure I described, it still presents some interludes of Ethnic Music with oriental origins and a bit of everything. That sound mixture shows to work perfectly, and makes the more dedicated listener travel to a completely different place at the end of the record. And that, after passing by numerous places.

A very calm record, as I already said, with pleasant melodies, that even though they don't follow exactly a catchy essence, they still manage to find a way to get stuck in the ear. Songs that are slowly sang in the Italian language, in a unique way that enters our mind and with the ethnic songs in between. A long record, with about 70 minutes or more, but it doesn't become boring.

Despite everything, it ends up suffering a bit with its status as such an underground style. These songs are pretty accessible, they can please plenty of people, there's not much to take against these songs in general. This could be a band that could expand to several kinds of audiences. But very few people even know about the existance of this band. The Darkwave style itself is already underground, by now. So, we got here a record that could be enjoyed by much more people if they even know if this existed, take away even listening to them. But sells and mainstream exposure are actually a subject that matters little or nothing to the band, as vocalist Mauro already affirmed in an interview.

And about the record, I'm not going to extend even more on its description, since I already gave an idea before, that even though it was vague, it was the best way I find to portray such a "zen" work. It's that simplicity and that geniality at the same time that makes this record better to know only after being heard. Several times, loud, for us to understand the songs and let them penetrate us. Other times, with a lower volume with headphones, whispering in our ears, at night while we rest and we let ourselves get seduced.

It's the kind of record that when introduced to somebody with a minimum musical knowledge, very hardly that person will say "This sucks." But it easily can reach the hands of someone who will say "This is amazing"...

Original article written in Portuguese on my blog.
So, I apologize if there's anything not very well constructed, it's a bit difficult to translate directly one language to another.

Rating: 18/20

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hack - 13 Wrzesień 2011: I listened to Ragione and Calma on You tube. Both songs remind me of Goth music, with a touch of new wave. Thanks for your nice review.
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