Dead Kennedys : Bedtime for Democracy



Chorus: Take this job and shove it / I ain't working here no more / I will not get all the pieces / I've been working for / Paper cups, minimum wage / Just walk on out the door / Take this job and shove it / I ain't working here no more / (Chorus) / They'll have you in this factory / From now on for fifty years / All this time I see my woman / Drowning in her tears / I see a lot of people who / Got to have a piece of me / I'd give the shirt right off my back / If I had the nerve to say / (Chorus) / Let's all go use our sick leave up / And then we'll shoot some pool / Got brand new skinhead hair cuts / You think he's a fool / One of these days I'll blow my top / Or somebody's gonna pay / I'd hate to see the process / As you enter the factory and say / Take this job and shove it / I ain't working here no more / I won't let that shit bother me / That I've been working for / Paper cups, minimum wage / Just walk on out the door / Take this job and shove it / I ain't working here no more / Take this job and shove it / I ain't working here, ain't working here, ain't working here no more


I say, come on! / To pleasures unknown / Where we fly to when we are all bored / C'mon for the ride / And hop with the jet set tonight / We'll sun ourselves red down in Montego Bay / Hotel-hired guards keep the natives away / We wanna save the whales / We'll go watch them feed, / Buzz around them in boats / ‘Til they won't breed / Just here for the ride / Then we hop with the jet set tonight / Check out them Indians' ancestral art / Some of that would look cute up on our walls / Yeah, suit it just fine / When we hop with the jet set tonight / We'll hire out some poachers to go steal their dolls / Who cares if they're scared - they look awful cute / National Geographic found a stone age tribe / Let's feed them their first hot dogs on film / Won't that be a prize / To show the jet set tonight / “Aren't they cute, aren't they pure…” / Muse subscribers back home / Next weekend the junta exterminates them / Back home by the sea at our outdoor café / Our chameleon tongues catch the flies in the air


Dear Abby, Got a problem. I'm a decent, underpaid, hardworking county coroner. It's important that my family eat meat at least three times a week. But we just can't afford to with the prices the way they are. So I bring home choice cuts from my autopsy subjects. Just mix in the Tuna Helper, and ta-da! / The whole family things my new meals are delicious. They ask me what's my secret. Abby, I think they're getting suspicious. My smart-ass 8-year-old keeps asking, “Where's all the meat? The red dye #2 kind that's kept in the fridge.” / If they find out the truth I don't think they'll understand. Abby, what do I tell my family? / DEAR REAGANOMICS VICTIM: Consult your clergyman. Make sure the body's blessed and everything should be just fine.


Got a deadly toy / To brainwash your boy / An egocentric muscle thug / Kicks butt on screen like a brat outa hell / Bullshitter in the Indochina shop / Pull the string in his back, we win the war / That we never should have started at all / A cabbage patch terrorist to call our own / Who rewrites history with a machine gun / Don't think about it-KILL IT! / That's what we teach your child / Chorus: Rambozo / Rambozo / Rambozo the Clown / To draft-age kids / It sure looks like fun- / “Kill ‘em all / and let God sort ‘em out” / Like video games - no mess / Just fuel for a mass lapse of common sense / You can be Don Quixote / We'll dice you with our windmill blades / Brawn over brain / Means a happy ending / G.I. Joe in the cereal bowl / Grey shrapnel-flavored chewing gum / Mass murder ain't just painless / Now we've made it cute / (Chorus) / War is sexy / War is fun / Iron Ego / Red Dawn / Be a wolverine. You'll rule the hills / Just get some guns and Cheerios / Any kid can conquer Libya / Just steal a fighter plane / Look who came home in a wheelchair / V.A. Hospital, they don't care / “We're the machine / You're just a tool.” / Who fell for the myth of Rambozo the Clown


We're world industries' thoughtlords / The entertainment wing / We keep you all in line / By fixing your free will / Surround you with pop fantasies / Just slightly out of reach / To soften all the blows / Of your forced daily routine / We strip-mine your underground culture / Take the bite out and rinse it clean / Give ourselves credit for creating it / Then sell it back to you / At twice the price / Our pod of talent vampires / Has blown into your town / To dazzle, sign and milk you / All strictly on our own terms / You think you've got a lot to say / We'll change that real soon / You're not a person anymore / We've made you a cartoon / By the time we're through remolding you / You won't even recognize your face / There's no end to the eager beavers / Drawn like moths to our Babylon's mirage / Conveyer belt of flashdunce / They all want to do the fleshdance / Conveyor belt of flashdunce / Who all want to do the fleshdance


Great Wall of China / It's so big it's seen from outer space / Put there to keep starving neighbors / Locked outside the gates / What's changed today? / Empires hoard more then they need / And peasants threaten our comfort / We'll build a Great Wall around our power / Build a Great Wall around our power / Bankrupt L.A.'s streetcar line / So people pay more to drive / Plant strategic freeways / To divide neighborhoods by color lines / We'd rather pay for riot squads / Than pump your ghetto back to life / We let your schools decay on purpose / To build a Great Wall around our power / Another Great Wall around our power / Warlords in grey suits / Take a different route to work each day / Second-hand green berets / Form the companies' private armies. / We'll take all your gold / But won't teach reading or feed your poor / The League of Gentlemen / Would rather feed guns to puppet dictators / There's too many people in your world / And Refugees are expensive / When they trickle down onto our soil / We hunt them and arrest them / Classify them insane / And put them back on the next plane / To the waiting arms / Of the same death squads they fled / We've built a Great Wall around our power / Economic Great Wall around our power / Worldwide Great Wall around our power / Give us your poor, / Your tired and your weak / We'll send ‘em right back / To their certain death


If only people could shrink / Our world wouldn't be so overcrowded / Bring ourselves down to size / There'd be so much more food to go ‘round / Why don't we build a machine / With all the know-how of the industries / We put a man on the moon / On earth we'll need more room to breathe real soon / Oh / Drink your vaccine and let's shrink / And bring your poodle so it doesn't eat us / The roads will be so wide / No traffic jams when we're half a foot tall / Bring what you need down here / We'll shrink it all by microwave / Don't wanna die like dinosaurs / We'll have enough resources to go round / Oh / So now you've made the big shrink / Meanwhile we'll keep acting big / We well-bred beautiful people / Who says we have to go too? / Cops and Mason businessmen / Were exempted from the ovens / As if you weren't already / The rest of you are all our termites now / Oh


Life can only get better / All you need to do is fall in love / Everyone else has fun but you / Buy that fun you'll fit in too / Dance your problems away / Cheap escape to that mind-control beat / Mellow out - Life's too hard / You don't even want to think / See the macho cock-rock metal heroes / Vomit fire out of their big mouths / Shake your fists obediently / Make Leni Riefenstahl real proud / See the Aryan bozo with the red guitar / Parachute on the White House lawn / Gonna bomb the commies with his air guitar / So dumb he can't drive 55 / Like Bing Crosby before them / Too idiotic to be real / You want it loud? / We'll make sure it goes nowhere / So you won't get ideas / Chorus: Triumph of the swill / Triumph of the swill / Triumph of the swill / Triumph of the swill / Music is banned in Khomeini's Iran / On the grounds that it stimulates the brain / We've done him one better in the land of coke and honey / Using music to put people's brains to sleep / Ever wonder why commercial radio's so bad? / It's ‘cause someone upstairs wants it that way / If the Doors or John Lennon were getting started now / The industry wouldn't sign ‘em in a million years / So what do we get / Christian censorship and taxed blank tapes / Shoppers strung out on our false hopes / Will flock to obey / (Chorus)


Name one thing on earth lower than a though guy / Who talks with his fists instead of using his head / Who beats the shit out of anything it can't understand / Behind the muscle mask is a scared little boy / Called / Chorus: Macho insecurity / Macho insecurity / Macho insecurity / ‘Cause you can't stand yourself / Got a bitch with me? / Why won't you say it to my face? / It's so easy to mouth off to others / Where's your proof? / Maybe we can talk if you'd just drop your act / Nothing's ever solved by making childish threats / That's Macho insecurity / (Chorus) / Why do you want people to be so afraid of you / Why are you so scared of anything that's different / No one's ever there when you need friends / You wonder why / It's ‘cause you take yourself so seriously / But being such a clown / Gives the rest of us the right to laugh / At your Macho insecurity / (Chorus)

10.I SPY

You look at me from the back of the room / All I see is a bumbling buffoon / Head down like you don't see much / Until you move in to make your bust / Chorus: I spy for you and me / I spy for you and me / Disguised like you're one of the scene / Just stand alone with no real friends / Scared people will find out who you are / Alone in the world without your telephone beeper / (Chorus) / Curious folks ask you questions of life / But you can't answer cause your heart's like a knife / Still you feel like you sing the last song sung / You're just a heartless piece of scum with a gun / (Chorus)


Poison is bubbling / Beneath your dream home / Buried there years before / Kid runs in crying / From playing in the garden / “Mommy, I burned my hands!” / “What's making our eyes so itchy?” / “Don't rub ‘em - they'll swell up” / Oh…Oh Oh Oh / It's the big waste dump / Oh, yeah / We built your ticky-tacky houses / On landfill soil / To cover up a gift / We left you years before / Of toxic chemicals / And leaking gas / Just dig a little while, / You'll find our acid baths / Cesspools / In Eden / Oozing away / Groundwater's poisoned / Air stings like hell / The lines for doctors grow long / Over martinis / The company laughs / “We don't owe you a damn thing.” / But what about all these fainting spells? / How'd you like a lick / From my open sores / And Oh…Oh Oh Oh / Why are our babies stillborn? / A storage tank's leaking / It's about to explode / Why evacuate / When you can watch the fun / Nothing happens here / Get out the lawn chairs / We'll drink pink lemonade / And watch Martinez burn / Cesspools / In Eden / Cesspools in Eden / Leak by the day / The land we sold you / Is right atop our acid pits / We fill them by the truckload / In the dead of night / There's thousands more toxic / Tips of the iceberg / We pay a little bribe / Or we just don't report them / And see what you get- / Cesspools / In Eden / In Eden / No accident - / Just a little of our greed-fueled negligence / So you've found the proof why / Your cancer rate's shot up / But watcha gonna do / When we've got all the cards / Times Beach, Rocky Flats, / Love Canal and Bhopal / Merry Christmas, hostages / From the folks that care / Cesspools in Eden / Oozing away / Cesspools in Eden / Leak by the day / Cesspools in Eden / Have a nice day


Countdown! / Get ready for the - Blastoff! / And don't forget the - Hype! / We're going into space / Distinguished scientists / A pesky senator / And monkey turds leaking from the lab / All brought to us play-by-play by Howard Cosell / You're going where no man has gone before / Don't ask us where that is / We have no idea / You're chosen for the great mission / Because we owe you some favors / And besides you're bright / A little too bright / Step one: / Senator, your vomit, / It's time to analyze it / For the folks back home / Open the hatch, launch the war satellite / That the commies aren't supposed to know about / Our real challenge is to keep it a secret / From the press back home / You're going where no man has gone before / Don't ask us where that is - we have no idea / You're chosen for this great mission / Because you're hearty and strong / And make a lot of fuss / Especially around us / We like you better when you're far away / Have you - noticed? / You're going the wrong - direction / We have, but that's your - problem? / We planned it that way / We had to dispose of all of you so / We can spoil the final frontier / How dare you question our Star Wars plans / For the farce that they are? / You're going where no man has gone before / For rocking the boat / In our temple of doom / You're on a one-way ticket to Pluto / We wash our hands / Of you and your lost Ark / Don't forget to write… / NO NO NO NO NO / NO


Have you heard about the latest craze / That's sweepin' across the nation? / All the punks from coast to coast / Have discovered an old invention: / “Your hair's too long / Man, you're a queer / You're too new wave / Put down that beer” / And / Do the Slag - Look at ‘em run / Do the Slag - Hey you scum / Do the Slag - Ain't it fun / Do the Slag - Let's all be dumb / Badmouth people we don't know / Make sure it's behind their backs / Don't let new people in our scene / It's more fun than having a friend / We'll slag everyone each and every night / So we can pretend that we're all right / Make those pricks feel just so small / We'll show the world that we're three feet tall / Slander their integrity / Doubt their humanity / Talk about their haircuts / Are their politics correct? / Do the Slag! / Don't let those sissies on the floor / They're unhip, man, they bought the wrong clothes / Let's all do the latest craze / ‘Cause having allies never pays / We'll slag everyone each and every night / So we can pretend that we're all right / Make those pricks feel just so small / We'll show the world that we're three feet tall



Wake up! Get down here quick! / The president's had too much to drink / His days of power are about gone / He's been talking to paintings in the hall / He says, “I'm finished, so what the hell? / My life is ruined, what matters now? / I've always itched for that last great thrill / If I die all of you should too” / Chorus: Gone with my wind / Out with a bang / I'm gonna end it all right now / Gone with my wind / Out with a bang / You're coming with me, oh wow / My bombs will rain down on D.C. / We'll nuke our enemies while they're asleep / We'll be safe in the ground below / And laugh and drink ‘til the cows come home / So c'mon, John, whadya say? / It's been dancing in my head for years / What'll happen if I push this button? / Let's start World War III for fun / (Chorus) / Mr. President, just sit down / We should talk a little while, I'll pour another round / What about your memoirs' TV rights? / Sit tight-and watch the fire / Let go of me. Do you think I'm mad? / To tell the truth, sir, I'd rather not say / Just keep your paws inside your pockets / And planet earth will be OK. / But you reached for the button anyhow / I had no choice but to knock you out / That's just last night's bump on your head / On to the next crisis, it's another day / (Chorus)


Step right up folks! / Anarchy for sale! / T-shirts only 10 dollars / Badges only $3.50 / I nicked the design, never asked the band / I never listen to them either / Buy! Buy! Buy! from Circle A / Like hula hoops, it's a disposable craze / Another fast-food fad to throw away / Get your Anarchy For Sale / Anarchy For Sale / Anarchy For Sale / Sheep unite! / Get your cuddly boots and studs / Be sure to rebel in proper style / Rebel along the paths we pick / Out of fear of peer pressure we create / Hey You! - / Get those flyers off my wall! / No commie peace shit in my boutique / No one here cares what that all means / Our Anarchy is For Sale / Anarchy For Sale / Anarchy For Sale / Our town sucks / Our scene rules / To belong you must buy into it / So we sold you metal spike bracelets / C'mon let's see a good fight / That's Anarchy For Sale / Anarchy For Sale / Anarchy For Sale


Punk's not dead / It just deserves to die / When it becomes another stale cartoon / A closed-minded, self centered social club / Ideas don't matter, it's who you know / If the music's gotten boring / It's because of the people / Who want everyone to sound the same / Who drive bright people out / Of our so-called scene / ‘Til all that's left / Is just a meaningless fad / Hardcore formulas are dogshit / Change and caring are what's real / Is this a state of mind / Or just another label? / The joy and hope of an alternative / Has become its own cliché / A hairstyle's not a lifestyle / Imagine Sid Vicious at 35 / Who needs a scene / Scared to love and to feel / Judging everything / By loud fast rules appeal / Who played last night? / “I don't know, I forgot. / But diving off the stage / Was a lot of fun” / Chorus: So eager to please / Peer pressure decrees / So eager to please / Peer pressure decrees / Make the same old mistakes / Again and again / Chickenshit conformist / Like your parents / What's ripped us apart even more than drugs / Are the thieves and the goddamn liars / Ripping people off when they share their stuff / When someone falls are there any friends? / Harder core than thou for a year or two / Then it's time to get a real job / Others stay home, it's no fun to go out / When the gigs are wrecked by gangs and thugs / When the thugs form bands, look who gets record deals / From New York metal labels looking to scam / Who sign the most racist queerbashing bands they can / To make a buck revving kids up for war / Walk tall, act small / Only as tough as gang approval / Unity is bullshit / When it's under someone's fat boot / Where's the common cause / Too many factions / Safely sulk in their shells / Agree with us on everything / Or we won't help with anything / That kind of attitude / Just makes a split grow wider / Guess who's laughing while the world explodes / When we're all crybabies / Who fight best among ourselves / (Chorus) / That farty old rock and roll attitude's back / “It's competition, man, we wanna break big.” / Who needs friends when the money's good? / That's right, the ‘70's are back. / Cock-rock metal's like a bad laxative / It just don't move me, ya know? / The music's OK when there's more ideas that solos / De we really need the attitude too? / Shedding thin skin too quickly / As a fan it disappoints me. / Same old stupid sexist lyrics / Or is Satan all you can think of? / Crossover is just another word / For lack of ideas / Maybe what we need / Are more trolls under the bridge / Will the metalheads finally learn something- / Or will the punks throw away their education? / No one's ever the best / Once they believe their own press / “Maturing” don't mean rehashing / Mistakes of the past / (Chorus) / The more thing change / The more they stay the same / We can't grow / When we won't criticize ourselves / The ‘60's weren't all failure / It's the ‘70's that stunk / As the clock ticks we dig the same hole / Music scenes ain't real life / They won't get rid of the bomb / Won't eliminate rape / Or bring down the banks / Any kind of real change / Takes more time and work / Than changing channels on a TV set / (Chorus)


Seems like the more I think I know / The more I find I don't / Every answer opens up so many questions / Anarchy sounds good to me / Then someone asks, “Who'd fix the sewers?” / “Would the rednecks just play king / Of the neighborhood?” / How many liberators / Really want to be dictators / Every theory has its holes / When real life steps in / So how do we feed / And make room for / All the people crowded on our earth / And transfer all that wealth / From the rich to those who need it? / Where Do Ya Draw the Line / Where Do Ya Draw the Line / I'm not telling you / I'm asking you / Ever notice hard line radicals / Can go on star trips too / Where no one's pure and right / Except themselves / “I'm cleansed of the system” / (‘Cept when my amp needs electric power) / Or - “The Party Line says No. / Feminists can't wear fishnets” / You wanna help stop war? / Well, we reject your application / You crack too many jokes / And you eat meat / What better way to turn people off / Than to twist ideas for change / Into one more church / That forgets we're all human beings / Where do ya draw the line? / In Toronto someone blew up / A cruise missile warhead plant / 10 slightly hurt, 4 million dollars damage / Why not destroy private property / When it's used against you and me / Is that violence / - Or self-defense? / You tell me / Where Do Ya Draw the Line / I'm not telling you, I'm asking you / Where Do Ya Draw the Line / I'm not telling you, I'm asking you / Where Do You Draw the Line?


Hey! / Yo! / We're the United States Marines / We know you've all been killing each other / For at least two thousand years / But we're here now / To protect the family / Of Christian heroin warlords / Most friendly to the west / So you knock off this fighting / Or we'll tell mom / Ever notice news / Is staged like TV wrestling shows / With Reagans and Khaddafis cast / As cartoon villains and heroes / Or those wildlife “documentaries” / Where a lion from a zoo / Kills a deer tied down ahead of time / “At the perfect camera angle” / When lemmings balk at dying for Disney / They're just hurled off the cliff / We are gathered here today / To take photos of the president / Pretending to mourn these brave young men / Who came home from Beirut / Gift-wrapped in body bags / A truck bomb blew them to bits / We knew they were sitting ducks / We sacrificed ‘em, Aztec style / So we could use their dead meat / To cook up war fever back home / So make sure you take lots of pictures / And slant you news on our way / Just like in Wild Kingdom / We first tied down the prey / We want people boiling for revenge / In their living rooms / So we can go play shoot-em-up / Anywhere we choose / And our backers can cash in / Without the public asking questions


D… M… S… O… / Crypto wonder drug in vogue / Some people say / It cures arthritis / Maybe that's why / It keeps getting banned / It's absorbed / Directly through the skin / Mix it with lemon juice / Touch your fingertips / You'll taste the lemon / The police / Started a riot / Down at the courthouse / Again / Running amok / Spilling blood / Bashing heads / I do my part / Behind the lines / Swabbing door handles of cop cars / With D.M.S.O. / Mixed with L.S.D.


We have reviewed your yellow form / Congratulations! / We find you qualified / You have just the right capacity / For putting up with our nonsense / There's just one thing you've got to prove / We know how you must be dishonest and lazy / If you're so desperate / You actually want to work at this place / You must be guilty (Lie Detector) / You're guilty (Lie Detector) / You're guilty (Lie Detector) / Guilty ‘til you're proven innocent / These days… / Blood pressure clamps around your arms / Now don't get nervous when we yell in your face / We know you steal- / Just who do you screw? / With what?! / With who?!? / Aren't you a Christian?!?!? / The polygraph - don't make it move / One little twitch, the anvil drops on you / Don't matter if you told the truth / We want your facial egg for out file / Now you're guilty (Lie Detector) / You're guilty (Lie Detector) / You're guilty (Lie Detector) / ‘Til you're proven innocent these days / Guilty - ‘til proven innocent / Guilty - it says so on your face / Guilty - when you try to find / A place to live or a job that pays / Guilty - when you file a complaint / Against the cop that kicked / Your face last night / Guilty - it says so on page 3 / Guilty - Who'd think a guy like me / Would plant some drugs in your car / Break in your house while you're asleep / Open your mouth, bet your ass you're watched / And it's your word against ours / Yeah, just because we're hiring you / That don't mean we trust you at all / You'll have to take a test like this / Once or twice every week / We know machines, they make mistakes / Yeah, it's your word against our deaf black box / The machine is always right / ‘Cause we know how it makes you feel so small / Because you're guilty (Lie Detector) / You're guilty (Lie Detector) / You're guilty (Lie Detector) / ‘Til you're proven innocent these days / No one's innocent these days / ‘Cause when you're innocent it just don't pay

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