Oi Polloi : Blame It on the System

Dimanche 08 Mars 2020 - 10:24:24 par woofer

Oi Polloi groupe d'anarcho-punk britannique sort chez Profane Existence "Blame It on the System

1.Down the Pub

2.On the Streets

3.Our Vegan Boots

4.Smash Antisemitism

5.Blame It on the System

6.Crust Party in Findhorn Place

7.Gimme the Cash

Source : http://profaneexistence.storenvy.com/products/29853622-oi-polloi-blame-it-on-the-system-10in


BrendonZulauf - 21 Avril 2021 à 18:49:06

This is going be a big treat for the music lovers after the lockdowon I think this is the first show live which this band is planning for. The OTT platform law assignment help blog is also telecasting this show as lot of people are still afraid of covid-19 so for those people they can enjoy the show through online.

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