Overhead (FIN) : Telepathic Minds

Dimanche 29 Janvier 2023 - 12:30:25 par PERMAFROST

Overhead (FIN) sortira le 31 Mars, son nouvel double album Tepathic Minds



1. War to End All Wars

2. Ghosts from the Future:

- I) Endless Sleep

- II) Last Chance to Bail

3. Sail Across the Universe

4. The Pilot’s Not Fit to Fly

5. Sleep Tight Sweetheart


1. Telepathic Minds

- I) Hypnotized

- II) Random Honesty

- III) Telepathic Minds

- IV) Back in Time

- V) Reprise: Home Again

2. Tuesday That Never Came

3. Planet of Disorder

4. Sheep Stay Silent

5. Almost Always Near the End


Source : https://www.overhead-band.com/


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