Nine Skies release 2 live stream video [05/12/2021]

Lundi 13 Décembre 2021 - 12:09:28 par Baddogpromo

To celebrate the 6-month anniversary of their new opus Nine Skies unveil two live stream videos: two tracks from the album

5.20, released the 4th of June 2021 via Anesthetize Productions.


''Porcelain Hill'' & ''Wilderness'' - featuring Damian Wilson on vocals and Steve Hackett on the lead guitar - are played here in a personal live stream version with a charm reflecting the personal poetry of this opus to perfection.


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majorcrawley - 19 Janvier 2022 à 04:48:46

I cant stop playing Wilderness! Its a really great track. 

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kchalpin - 04 Mars 2022 à 13:27:24

Really cool album, great to see them play, thank you for sharing


Baddogpromo - 06 Avril 2022 à 16:07:06

Thanks so much for your words!

Kalabako - 22 Avril 2022 à 12:22:25

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ampva301 - 08 Juillet 2022 à 04:05:04

I'm not sure, but I enjoy the wilderness! It's a fantastic song.

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HunterMoore21 - 11 Juillet 2022 à 10:49:04

Been streaming on this for the nth time! This is awesome like this hair bow clips.


Kyzer - 19 Juillet 2022 à 14:44:38

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MadelSmith - 02 Septembre 2022 à 04:23:55

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KellyP - 02 Septembre 2022 à 12:23:34
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What an awesome talent that is.

Cherilie09 - 21 Novembre 2022 à 04:44:40

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