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Flat End of the Earth

The Life And Times : Flat End of the Earth


1. Raisin in the Sun
2. Houdini
3. High Scores
4. Movies And Books
5. Servo
6. The Flat End of the Earth

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Suburban Hymns

Album, 2005, Desoto Records

The Life And Times : Suburban Hymns


1. My Last Hostage
2. Coat of Arms
3. Charlotte St.
4. Muscle Cars
5. Skateland
6. Thrill Ride
7. Running Redlights
8. Shift Your Gaze
9. Mea Culpa
10. A Chorus of Crickets

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The Magician

The Life And Times : The Magician


1. I Know You Are
2. Hush
3. Killing Them Softly
4. Ave Maria
5. The Sound of the Ground

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The Life and Times - Nueva Vulcano

Split, 2006, Trece Grabaciones

The Life And Times : The Life and Times - Nueva Vulcano


1. My Parade (Muscle Cars Freeman Moxy Remix)
2. The Silent Take
3. Mighty Joe Moon
4. El beso en el Acuario
5. Palo Rosa
7. Llobarro

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Traffic Boogie

Album, 2009, Arena Rock Recording

The Life And Times : Traffic Boogie


1. Que Sera Sera
2. Fall of the Angry Clowns
3. Let It Eat
4. Old Souls
5. Dull Knives
6. Pain Don't Hurt
7. Confetti
8. The Lucid Dream
9. Tragic Boogie
10. The Politics of Driving
11. Catching Crumbs
12. Li'l 4 Notes

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