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Nom du groupe Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
Nom de l'album Rotator
Type Album
Date de parution 1996
Style MusicalRock Mélodique
Membres possèdant cet album2


1. Thorn in My Pride 03:07
2. Run 04:06
3. Rotator 03:30
4. 11.07 PM 04:09
5. Back-Bone-Beat 04:39
6. When the River Runs Dry 03:50
7. Break 04:05
8. I Like Surprises 03:12
9. Riff Sang 03:20
10. Take It or Leave It 04:21
11. Find My Way 03:06
12. Two of You 04:39
13. Rise and Fall 03:20
14. Outro 00:57
Total playing time 50:30

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12 Septembre 2011
Not as big a hit as the band's eponymous debut, which really swept the band's native country, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy's second and last full length release "Rotator" nevertheless is revered as one of the central releases of the Danish rock scene of the 1990s - a time otherwise characterized by awful plastic pop Eurotechno like Aqua, Toybox and Infernal.... eech!

Stylistically, it very much takes off where the debut album stopped - which means that "Rotator" delivers sophisticated, almost progressive, yet catchy and tangible power rock tunes which are primarily guitar-driven but also very much so engendered through Tim Christensen's instantly recognizable unique voice as well as Søren Friis' funky and syncopated drumming.

While the guitar sound has very much the same twangy distortion as on the debut album, "Rotator" has a slightly harder edge to it, and tracks like "Thorn in my Pride" and the title track actually come across as having a certain aggressiveness to them, but without losing the characteristic Dizzy Mizz Lizzy melodic feel. Tracks like "Break", "Back-Bone-Beat", "Riff Sang", "Run", "When the River Runs Dry", and "When the River Runs Dry" are all characterized by syncopated and complex rhythmic patterns and twists and turns as well as Beatles-esque harmonies, yet without ever becoming abstract or susbtanceless, if you wish; these are prime quality catchy, broadly appealing, but yet innovative and challenging rock tunes - and that is something that I have always appreciated about both "Rotator" and "Dizzy Mizz Lizzy". Ballad-lovers will be pleased to learn that there are also some heartbreaing softies to be found on this album, like "11:07 PM" and "Rise and Fall".

Just like "Dizzy Mizz Lizzy", "Rotator" deserves its status as a classic within Danish rock, reflecting both high musicianship and talent for solid and innovative songwriting. Recommended to any fan of 90s rock, and rock music in general.

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