Next Year in Zion

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Nom du groupe Herman Düne
Nom de l'album Next Year in Zion
Type Album
Date de parution Septembre 2008
Style MusicalFolk Rock
Membres possèdant cet album1


1. My Home Is Nowhere without You
2. Try to Think About Me (Don't You Worry a Bit)
3. When the Sun Rose up This Morning
4. When We Were Still Friends
5. On a Saturday
6. My Baby Is Afraid of Sharks
7. Lovers Are Waterproof
8. Next Year in Zion
9. Someone Knows Better Than Me
10. My Best Kiss
11. Baby Baby You're My Baby
12. (Nothing Left But) Poison in the Rain
DISC 2 (Limited Edition)
1. Blackfoot Jack's Vision Theme
2. Don't Lie About Me
3. An Afternoon Dance Party
4. Blackfoot Jack Main Title

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