Baby Fat Act 1

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Band Name Screeching Weasel
Album Name Baby Fat Act 1
Type Album
Data de aparición Mayo 2015
Estilo MusicalPunk-Rock
Miembros poseen este álbum0


1. Il Tremendo Fantasma (Baby Fat Overture)
2. Attention!
3. So Long, Mojo
4. Tower of Talent
5. All Winter Long
6. I've Got VD
7. Kewpie Doll
8. The Entourage
9. Baby Fat's Got a Girlfriend
10. God Damn You
11. Satan Leapt
12. Things Aren't so Bad After All
13. Living Hell
14. Thine Eyes of Mercy
15. Creeping in Silence
16. Here to Stay
17. Cursed
18. In the Pale Light of the Midnight Sun
19. Disharmony
20. I'm a Lonesome Wolf
21. Just For Now
22. Poveretta
23. We Never Knew
24. 24 Without Belief
25. Sleeping Beauty
26. Disharmony
27. Bound to Fall

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Screeching Weasel