Of Monsters And Men @Iceland Airwaves 2016

Photo taken on 04 November 2016 by LeLoupArctique


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zenspace - 17 November 2019:

About 3 months. Some of them were only used once or twice as the reaction to them was strong (AG, Neutrogena Liquid, SheerZinc, Supergoop) while others were used for 1-2 weeks at a time. If they didn’t work for me by then, I moved on to the next one.

zenspace - 17 November 2019:

Wow, thanks for review, it's really helpful! I have off topic question... do you use Cicaplast as "regular" mosturizer? Are there some mosturizers you would recommend?


zenspace - 30 November 2019:

Apple cider vinegar and honey

ACV is a popular health beverage, and yots of people attest to its effectiveness. While much of the study on apple cider vinegar is promising concerning blood glucose control, heart health, cancer protection, and murdering certain harmful bacteria, a number of the studies are small, have only been carried out on animals or have yet to be replicated.

Nonetheless, ACV is considered relatively safe to test, in doses under 2 tbsp every day. But most ACV detox diets frequently advocate more than that. Anyone on drugs or taking supplements should talk with their physician before beginning an ACV cleanse.

thehealthmags - 22 December 2019:

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Of Monsters And Men

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