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Biography : Matt Cafissi

Matt Cafissi started playing the guitar at the age of eighteen under the influences of the hard\'n heavy rock bands like Mr Big, Van Halen, Giant etc ...

After some years of self-studying he decided to attend to classes at the famous and renowned Lizard Institute Of Music, situated in Florence, where one of the greatest italian guitarists and musicians Giacomo Castellano (Vasco Rossi, RafMatt Cafissi, Irene Grandi) introduced him into new techniques and styles like Jazz, Fusion and New Age.

Very soon he began composing his own music and put together five excellent demotapes very well accepted by the specialized critic and the public: he is called \"the new melodic italian genius \" and after the appreciation of many Italian magazines such as Flash, Psycho, Metal ShockMatt Cafissi, Viceversa and 360° he reaches the Top Demo in the famous European one Metal Hammer where the attention for a guitar hero had been absent for years.

Finally Matt managed to realize his first self produced demo cd \"Extravaganza\" with the help of Emiliano Mammini, Francesco Rossi, Alex Paolillo and Fabio Montorzi, in Italy distributed by Paranoid Records.
In \"Extravaganza\" music explores the new sound of melody and tecniques of tomorrow, pouring itself into very direct songs and strong emotions.

In 2002, after these good reviews on specialized magazines, Matt is invitated to record and arrange all guitar parts on debut cd of one of greatest italian rock bass player Andrea Castelli, ex Shabby Trick, Cappanera and now with Mantra, called \"Planet Time\" distribuited by 99th Floor.

His famous GuitarChef \'zine reborn on cd called \"GuitarChef - Volume 1\" with a compilation features ex Dokken guitarist Alex De Rosso, fusion master William Stravato, Steve Saluto and Matt himself. This is the first italian guitar compilation released for Level\'s Productions. The 2004 is a great year for release his acclaimed solo debut \"Heat Of Emotion\" printed for Level\'s Productions. His new cd features great guest stars like Andy Timmons, Giacomo Castellano, Alex De Rosso and many others and is top seller on the famous Guitar 9 Records.\"Heat Of Emotion\" is available through Guitar 9 Records.

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