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35007 (loose spelled backwards) are a band from Eindhoven, Netherlands that play a mix if space rock, post-rock and stoner rock. The band released their debut, "Especially for You", in 1994 with the line-up of Bertus Fridael on guitar, Eeuwout Baart on vocals, Jacco Van Rooy on drums and Mark Sponselee on guitar and synth. They also recorded their follow-up, "35007", with the same line-up as well, but after the recording of the album vocalist Euwout Baart and drummer Jacco Rooy left the band. The band continued as a instrumental outfit with the addition of drummer Sander Evens and recorded their 2001 EP, "Sea of Tranquility", their 2002 "Liquid" and 2005 "Phase V". The band likes to keep things as secretly as posible and that's why they are rarely seen live, but when they do they always have image projections and visual effets to accompany their sound.

Fans of the genres listed above would certainly find something of insterest in their work. "Liquid" is concidered by many as their best effort.

Source : http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=2848