Panic At The Disco

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Also known as Panic! At The Disco, PATD
Style Pop Rock
Status Active
Formed In 2005
Country USA
City Las Vegas
Fans 119
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  • Dallon Weekes

    Bass, Back Vocals

    [since 2009]

  • Spencer Smith

    Drums, Percussions

    [since 2004]

  • Brendon Urie

    Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard

    [since 2004]

Past members

  • Brent Wilson



  • Bartram Nason

    Drums, Keyboard, Cello, Percussions

    [2006-2007], live member

  • Ian Crawford

    Guitar, Back Vocals

    [2009-2012], live member

  • Eric Ronick

    Back Vocals, Keyboard, Percussions

    [2006-2008], live member

  • Ryan Ross

    Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard


  • Jon Walker

    Guitar, Bass, Back Vocals



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