The Melancholy Collection

Band's List Punk-Rock Millencolin The Melancholy Collection
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Band Name Millencolin
Album Name The Melancholy Collection
Type Album
Released date 1999
Music StylePunk-Rock
Members owning this album6


1. In A Room
2. Pain
3. Shake Me
4. Melack
5. Nosepicker
6. Use Your Nose
7. Flippin' Beans
8. Yellow Dog
9. Knowledge*
10. A Whole Lot Less*
11. Coolidge*
12. That's Up To Me*
13. A Bit Of Muslin
14. Melancholy Protection
15. Shake Me (live)
16. Niap
17. Every Breath You Take*
18. 9 to 5*
19. Dragster
20. An Elf And His Zippo
21. Israelites*
22. Vixen
(* cover song)
This is a compilation with our first two ep:s, all the single b-side songs plus some songs recorded only for compilations, all on one full-length CD/LP.