Sterilize the Stupid

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Band Name Potbelly
Album Name Sterilize the Stupid
Type Album
Released date February 2010
Labels Self Produced
Music StylePunkcore
Members owning this album0


1. Funny Games
2. I'm Fucked
3. Life in Decay
4. I Challenge Fat Mike..
5. The Beer Trilogy
6. Unnatural Selection
7. The Ballad of Debbie Harry
8. Kill Rush Limbaugh
9. Felony Girls
10. Society's Trap
11. Monkey Fuckers..
12. Destroy All the Monsters
13. Stocking Stuff-Her
14. Sociel Eye Sores
15. Attack of the Killer Hemorrhoid
16. Can't Sleep
17. Ygolirt Reeb Eht