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Band Name Crush 40
Album Name LIVE!
Type Live
Released date 03 October 2012
Labels Wave Master
Music StyleHard-Rock
Members owning this album0


1. Sonic Youth
2. Free
3. His World
4. Sonic Heroes
5. Open Your Heart
6. Un-Gravitify (Only iTunes Release)
7. Seven Rings In Hand (Only iTunes Release)
8. Fight the Knight (Only iTunes Release)
9. Knight of The Wind
10. Song of Hope (Only iTunes Release)
11. I Am... All of Me
12. With Me
13. Never Turn Back
14. Fire Woman (only CD release)
15. Revvin' Up
16. Watch Me Fly...
17. Into the Wind
18. Rise Again
19. Sonic Boom
20. All Hail Shadow
21. Live & Learn
22. One of Those Days
23. What I'm Made of...