Hello Bastards (st)

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Band Name Hello Bastards
Album Name Hello Bastards (st)
Type Album
Released date 2010
Music StylePunkcore
Members owning this album1


1. Leave their world alone
2. 22 years
3. Economic Oppression
4. Peace, Justice, Freedom
5. A Political Statement
6. The sweatshop system
7. Straight Edge is Dead, You’re next
8. Palestinian Holocaust
9. Stockwell Terror
10. The open veins of Latin America
11. Way of Life
12. Counterfeit Democracy
13. Blood on the Media
14. You Spread Ignorance
15. Empty Ideas
16. Follow
17. Leave Their World Alone (OUTRO)
18. The Killing Fields
19. No Borders
20. And by all forgot, we rot and rot
21. Silent Voices

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Hello Bastards