Compil Complet

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Band Name TC Matic
Album Name Compil Complet
Type Compilation
Released date March 2001
Labels EMI Records
Music StyleNew-Wave
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Disc 1
1. Bye Bye Till The Next Time (Live In Stockholm 1982)
2. Oh La La La
3. Willie Willie
4. I'm Not Like That
5. Middle Class And Blue Eyes (1983 Remix Version)
6. Being Somebody Else
7. Les Zazous (Alternate Take)
8. La Java
9. Putain Putain
10. Ugh Ugh
11. If You Wanna Dance...
12. Living On My Instinct (1983 Euromix Version)
13. Who's That Girl
14. Elle Adore Le Noir
15. Cook Me
16. Femme Femme
17. Bazooka Joe (Never Released On Cd Before)
18. Modern Noise (Live In Stockholm 1982)
19. With You
Disc 2
1. Get Wet (Alternate Take Rough Mix Version)
2. God Is Not On Our Side (Unreleased English Version Of L'amour N'est Pas Avec Moi
3. Take It Easy (Never Released On Cd Before)
4. Positive Noise (Unreleased Track)
5. How Do I Reply (Unreleased Track)
6. Still On The Loose (Never Released On Cd Before)
7. Call Me Up (Demo Version)
8. Oue Pasa (Live At The Mudd Club Sweden 1983)
9. Viva Boema (Live At The Mudd Club Sweden 1983)
10. Attack Anna (Never Released On Cd Before)
11. Putain Putain (Insider Remix 2000)
12. White Rhythm (Never Released On Cd Before)
13. Parole (Unreleased Track)
14. Mummy (Never Released On Cd Before)
15. Ha Ha (Live At The Mudd Club Sweden 1983)
16. Arrivederci Solo (Live At The Mudd Club Sweden 1983)
17. Putain Putain (Demo Version)

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