Live Night of the Living Dead!

Liste der Bands Horror Punk Misfits Live Night of the Living Dead!
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Band Name Misfits
Album Name Live Night of the Living Dead!
Type Live
Erscheinungsdatum 28 Februar 1982
Labels Self Produced
Musik GenreHorror Punk
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen1


1. Demonomania
2. 20 Eyes
3. Horror Business
4. Vampira
5. Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill
6. London Dungeon
7. Nike a Go Go
8. Night of the Living Dead
9. All Hell Breaks Loose
10. Halloween
11. We Are 138
12. Hate Breeders
13. We Bite
14. I Turned into a Martian
15. Where Eagles Dare
16. Die Die My Darling
17. Horror Hotel
18. Ghouls Night Out

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