Come Out Fighting

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Band Name Neck
Album Name Come Out Fighting
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 2009
Labels Golf Records
Musik GenreFolk Punk
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen1


1. Come Out Fighting
2. Everybody's Welcome to the Hooley
3. Acalpines Fusiliers
4. Tink
5. The Homes of Donegal
6. The Star of the County Down
7. I Turn My Face to the Four Winds
8. Hello Jakey!
9. The Lilting Banshee Set / an Foireann Bean Si Ouirt
10. I'll Still Be Blue Over You
11. Ourselved Alone
12. Barney Hare
13. Always Upsettin' Somebody
14. The Foggy Dew

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