History for Sale

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Band Name Blue October
Album Name History for Sale
Type Album
发布日期 08 四月 2003
音乐风格Alternativ Rock


1. Ugly Side
2. Clumsy Card House
3. Razorblade
4. Calling You (for Mamie)
5. Chameleon Boy
6. Sexual Power Trip (One Big Lie) Bla Bla
7. A Quiet Mind
8. 3 Weeks, She Sleeps
9. Inner Glow
10. Somebody
11. Come in Closer
12. Amazing

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评阅 @ Jan91

22 八月 2010
Well I think History for Sale is one of the best (no it is the best) album(s) Blue October ever have produced. Singer-Songwriter and producer Justin Furstenfeld, also known from The Last Wish and 5591 speaks in every song from his soul. His lyrics handels about depression, love, forgiveness and many more themes which have to do with mental disorders.
Furstenfeld have a bipolar disorder. His cover was drawn by himself when he was in a mental hospital. It shows abstracly a face and show the listener into the soul of him.
The first song called Ugly Side handels about a person who want show only his perfect side and not his other. Maybe their is a kind of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde in it (like in the songs Inner Glow and Chameleon Boy).
Well it was a good start. The third Song Razorblade (one of my favourites) is a very rocky song. It describes his feelings against religion and his early life. The refrain "i freaked out, thinking people doesn't love me" tell that he feels lonely in this world.
Their fourth song Calling You (well-known because of the third part of American Pie) is the song with the band get famous in some nations in europe. It is the first lucky song because he tell that he have found a girl who loves him. And he want call her every day and every night just to hear that she loves him. He tell that she helped him to understand that the world is not so difficuld as he thoughts.
Chameleon Boy the fifth song of this album show the Jeckyl and Hyde again. It describes that he is like a chameleon who can hide his wounds which he attached himself. But then he sing that he is mess like explosive gasoline.
The eight song is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Justin critisized what happened to our all inner glow. Today songs are just covered and packed in an extra genre for every song.
Well all other songs in this beautiful album are really great to but I don't want tell all themes because I want that you buy the best rock and post grunge album.
Well guys, hope this album will be not your last perfect production.

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