Living Ornaments '80

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Band Name Gary Numan
Album Name Living Ornaments '80
Type Live
Дата релиза 1981
Музыкальный стильNew-Wave
Владельцы этого альбома0


Disc 1
1. This Wreckage (Live)
2. I Die You Die (Live)
3. M.E. (Live)
4. Everyday I Die (Live)
5. Down In The Park (Live)
6. Remind Me To Smile (Live)
7. The Joy Circuit (Live)
8. Tracks (Live)
9. Are Friends Electric? (Live)
10. We Are Glass (Live)
11. This Wreckage (Live)
12. Remind Me To Smile (Live)
13. Complex (Live)
14. Telekon (Live)
Disc 2
1. Me! I Disconnect From You (Live)
2. Cars (Live)
3. Conversation (Live)
4. Airlane (Live)
5. M.E. (Live)
6. Everyday I Die (Live)
7. Remember I Was Vapour (Live)
8. Stories (Live)
9. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Live)
10. The Joy Circuit (Live)
11. I Die You Die (Live)
12. I Dream Of Wires (Live)
13. Down In The Park (Live)
14. Tracks (Live)
15. We Are Glass (Live)