MadÂme: new single and new video online

Sábado 10 Dezembro 2016 - 10:36:14 by Madame

MadÂme, alternative post Rock from Milan (Italy), has released the first video and single "what lies beneath" from the upcoming album "Ambiguous Dilemma", out in October 2016.

The video is available on youtube here:

The single is available worldwide on all digital aggregators

MadÂme is:

KLEMENTINE VON TASSEL --voices, piano. 

LUCA PREDERI -- bass, vox, synth. 

MATTEO BORLA -- guitars, vox, loops. 

ALEX GALANTI -- drums, vox, programming

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petersongame - 11 Agosto 2020 à 15:20:11

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chrisjohn2211 - 17 Novembro 2020 à 16:07:41

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Lyka - 18 Novembro 2020 à 18:44:28

Yay! An album I can listen to everyday. bass guitar strings

Chris889 - 18 Novembro 2020 à 18:52:36
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