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Biografia : Universal Totem Orchestra

UNIVERSAL TOTEM ORCHESTRA (U.T.O.) was formed in 1998 by UTO G.Golin (drummer) and Dauno Giuseppe Buttiglione (bassist), two musicians who were already performing together in other BLACK WIDOW projects.
U.T.O., which was evolved from the L.M.R (Laboratorio Musicisti Riuniti) after five months, released its first album "Rituale Alieno" (Black Widow Records) in 1999, which was entirely composed by Golin and Buttiglione.
In this album appear: ANA TORRES FRAILE (voice), MARCO ZANFEI (keyboard), MARCO MAURO and GIUSEPPE SAIANI (guitars), ANTONIO FEDELI (saxophones), GIANNI NICOLINI (tabla), FRANCESCO CIECH (cell) and the choruses of FESTI brothers.
With the same line-up the Orchestra starts to perform live acts and to take part in some Black Widow productions, like the compilation NOT OF THIS EARTH (which includes the song "Lacrima di Tempo"). One more song of the Universal Totem Orchestra is released on the compilation DAZE OF THE UNDERGROUND, where the Orchestra arranged and published the Hawkwind's song "Alien (I am)"
The last concert of the Universal Totem Orchestra with the "Rituale Alieno" ensemble took place at the OPEN AIR Festival in Germany. In 2004 Dauno G. Buttiglione resigned his post as the bass player of the band and became the artistic director until he left U.T.O. in 2005.
After Buttiglione's retirement UTO G.Golin (with Black Widow's help) started looking for young talents of mainstream jazz-rock, like the bassist LORENZO ANDREATTA, the guitarist DANIELE VALLE, who had already performed live acts and recorded the song "Alien (I am)", and the keyboarder FABRIZIO MATTUZZI. The vocalist Ana Torres Fraile and the saxophonist Maestro Antonio Fedeli complete the current line-up of the band.
Thanks to these members, in 2008 came out the second work of the Orchestra, which is called "The Magus". This is the last chapter of the Trilogy started with the hidden Opera.

Source : http://www.universal-totem-orchestra.com